Thank you for visiting my web site. If you’re looking for an accurate transcription or arrangement of your music, you’ve come to the right place. I have more than 30 years professional experience. I began my career as a full-time music arranger for Warner Bros Music Publications in the mid 1970’s and free-lanced for Warners till they were bought by Alfred Publications a few years ago. I still occasionally arrange sheet music for Alfreds.

Music Arranging

My music arranging skills range from transcribing single-staff lead sheets to full orchestrations and everything in between.

Although I’m a guitar player by trade, I’m best known for arranging piano/vocal style sheet music, as well as economical small band arrangements of larger ensembles.

I’m an expert in making small bands sound big.

Music arrangers love to write for large ensembles, but the economic reality for most productions limits the number of instruments. I have lots of experience effectively writing for a minimum number of players while maintaining a larger sound.

I’m an expert in Finale.

Back when I worked full-time at Warner Bros, all music arranging was done in pencil on manuscript paper. We switched to Finale in the early 1990’s. Luckily for me the folks at Warners are also great teachers (thank you Bill Galliford and Ethan Neuburg) and Finale has become an extremely valuable tool.

All of my arrangements have the look of professionally produced sheet music.

The nature of the job requires that you become an expert in music graphics and I got my on-the-job training from the best music arrangers and publishers in the biz. I get lots of compliments on the look of my work.

Depending on the size of your project,

turnaround time is generally short and I’m good at hitting reasonable deadlines.

Please browse my web site for a list of prices and services, as well as samples of my work. There is also a section with excerpts from some of my favorite projects.

If you’d like to discuss your music, please email or call me.