Music Arranging Services

Everyone’s music is different. The only way for me to give an accurate price quote is to hear your music. It’s best to attach an mp3 and email it to me.

To give you a general guideline, the prices below are ball park figures based on your song being a 3-minute pop tune (that may take repeats).

Single-Staff Lead Sheet: $50

Vocal melody line with lyrics printed below and chord changes above the staff.

2-Stave Piano Arrangement: $100

(2 styles, both include chord changes)

Accompaniment Arrangement

Accompanies the singer or instrumentalist, but does not necessarily include the vocal melody in the right hand.

Melody Arrangement

Includes the vocal melody in the right hand and vocal lyrics printed between staves. Can be used as either a piano solo or accompaniment for a singer or instsrumentalist.

3-Stave Piano Vocal Arrangement: $150

This is what about 90% of commercial sheet music looks like. Top staff is vocal melody line with lyrics printed below and chord changes above the staff. 2 bottom staves are the piano part, which may be a melody or accompaniment arrangement.

Band Arrangement: Add $50 per part

I start with a Piano Arrangement (see prices above), then add $50 per part.


Bass part with chord changes add $50
4 horns add $200
Synth Strings add $50
Guitar part $50, etc...
but if he just needs chord changes you can give him a bass part. Also, I’ll do drum parts if you like, but unless you’re being really specific and your drummer reads, it’s generally a waste of money. (Sorry drummers, but it’s true. No offense).

Vocal Ensemble Arrangement:

I start with a 2-Stave Piano Accompaniment, $100, then add $50 per Voice. Additonal instrumental parts may be added at $50 per part.

Using the above examples,

A Band Arrangement with Piano/Vocal, Bass, 4 horns and Synth Strings is about $450, assuming the guitar player and drummer can use a bass part. A 4-Voice Vocal Arrangement with Piano Accompaniment is about $300.

Individual band parts can either be sent as pdf files for you to print or I can print them here letter size on bright, heavy paper stock and mail them to you.

Guitar Arrangement:

There are so many guitar styles that it’s hard to estimate without first hearing it; also so many styles of guitar arrangements.

Standard Notation Guitar Arrangement

is about $2 per bar, add $75 to add a Guitar Tablature staff. Sorry, but I don’t do just TAB.

If you’d like to discuss your music, please email or call me.